Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Truck Driver Killed In Long Island Bus Crash

The driver of a pickup truck has been killed after a head-on collision with a charter bus on Long Island.

Police say the crash took place around 9am local time at Albertson, in Nassau County, New York.

A police spokesman said the truck driver may have crossed a double-yellow line prior to the crash.

New York bus crash One person is taken away from the crash scene on a stretcher

Pictures from the crash site showed emergency services working to free the bus driver from the wreckage.

Several ladders were perched on the side of the bus, reaching into the vehicle through the windows.

The bus appeared to have crashed into a tree after colliding with the truck.

New York bus crash Police say the truck driver may have crossed a double-yellow line

At one point during the rescue operation, a stretcher is passed through a window.

One person has been taken from the scene of the crash on a stretcher.

The identity of the truck driver has yet to be released.

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